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The Dangers of Altering the Natural Process of Nature

  Genetically modified foods, altering human DNA, breeding animals, birds and fish for new colours and textures, destroying habitats to gain material wealth, eating animals as a normal state of being, mining and gas extraction that pollutes the earth, introducing foreign animals to indigenous landscapes, chemical pesticides that destroy natures balance, supermarket foods that barely contain natural ingredients, factory by-products that pollute the air and waterways, etc. Have we become mad scientists or monsters? It seems many are learning too slowly, though governments are making some small efforts of change. The war on ignorance can only be won with awareness! There are many things we do not want to know or be exposed to in our world, things that make us sad and disillusioned. The question is, will doing nothing be helpful and is there anything you can help with? We all want to live happy and productive lives, no one always wants to look at the darker side of existence – bu