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The Magnificent Earth

  The balance of life on Earth is an intricate geological and biological equation. She shifts and adjusts in an effort to keep the natural balance. Her lush green lands, wild blue oceans, deep hidden valleys and open desert plains are a part of this balance. The magnificent Earth is home to many and varied who share the planet, though they cannot fully understand each other. Millions of years of growth and alteration have made all the living creatures what they are today.   For the most part humanity lives in a visual and sensory masterpiece! As our earthly civilization makes its way in a technological age we create unhealthy bi-products that have detrimental effects on the planet. Unfortunately our need for more and more is slowly striping and poisoning our beloved homeland while we are busy doing other things. This must change. Awareness is the key to saving the land beneath our feet.   As the message filter around the globe many organizations are doing what they can a

The Pointlessness of Comparison

  A need for personal comparison is an unhelpful human trait! Comparing yourself, your possessions and a self-imposed status against others is pointless. Each person has a distinct genetic code handed down through their ancestors that makes them look physically different from others – parental guidance, early learning and culture during childhood makes people think differently –   after that personal experience shapes your beliefs and you arrive at your own type of wisdom which makes you an irreplaceable place of this world. D eep within these codes live inbuilt survival mechanisms designed to gain food, find shelter and reproduce. Comparing yourself against others thousands of years ago was probably paramount, but there has always been someone who wanted to stray from that formulae and that is where we become a fascinating species.   Never doubt that you are a vital force here to experience, enjoy, love, create and adventure, but know that you have a purpose! That purpos