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The Age of Entitlement; What do we Really Deserve?

Our world is vast and magnificent and many are living stable lives with homes, jobs and education. As technology advances at high speed more products emerge to temp the multitudes. Enticing plans can be found allowing you to take products instantly while paying for them later, which can be a high interest trap for many. Have we become inpatient with our desires, can’t we wait a bit longer for something special, have we reached the age of entitlement! 
People seem intent on instant gratification, they see things that other people have and make efforts to obtain them as soon as possible. We live in luxuriant times; anytime you have food, water, shelter, employment, education, good health and money to spare, you are living a good life. But then again, the more we see the more we want and every advertising agency knows this and will work on your emotions until you hand over your funds. We are stuck in a cycle where want and need are blurring together and this is not helping the youth of to…

The Dangers of Altering the Natural Process of Nature

Genetically modified foods, altering human DNA, breeding animals, birds and fish for new colours and textures, destroying habitats to gain material wealth, eating animals as a normal state of being, mining and gas extraction that pollutes the earth, introducing foreign animals to indigenous landscapes, chemical pesticides that destroy natures balance, supermarket foods that barely contain natural ingredients, factory by-products that pollute the air and waterways, etc. Have we become mad scientists or monsters? It seems many are learning too slowly, though governments are making some small efforts of change.
The war on ignorance can only be won with awareness! There are many things we do not want to know or be exposed to in our world, things that make us sad and disillusioned. The question is, will doing nothing be helpful and is there anything you can help with? We all want to live happy and productive lives, no one always wants to look at the darker side of existence – but someone h…

Why we Need Peaceful Minds to Improve Humanities Future

Humanity comes from a fear driven history, a fear that will always be present. Moderate safety and housing have been achieved by the majority, though pockets of anguish still flare for many. Generally the population is now in a position to create the magnificent, peaceful, creative existence that brings joy. By working on fairer global systems that bring benefit in a sustainable way, we will finally make progress. By working in non-detrimental occupations we make a stand for what we believe in. Remove greed and discover what families really needs. Those with peaceful minds should be nominated as the leaders, town planners and community liaisons of our future.
Our minds are capable of greater achievements than we believe, but how will we know if we don’t give ourselves some time and space to find out. So far individuals and team efforts have dragged us out of our simple existence from fire to electricity and harnessing the power of the sun! From the wheel cars evolved and now aircraft&…

Is DNA Heritage the Answer to Humanities Core Problems with Ethnicity?

Humanity is a grand experiment! What happens when millions of species of plants, animals, birds, fish, insects and reptiles live on one planet and the space slowly becomes smaller? One rises to take control out of fear, protection and survival. Humanity (Homo sapiens) is that species, false as that security is. The fragile human form born with few defenses created additional implements of protection against fierce animals with superior instincts.  Scientifically we have been divided into three groups and from there another 30 subgroups. The beliefs of these migrating groups along with cross-cultural development generated further distinctions.
Naturally people are proud of their heritage, but sometimes this gives rise to the superiority that causes ignorant clashes of opinion. Education, practical awareness and travel are the best cure for thoughts of supremacy. Not much is hidden from anyone these days; everyone can search the internet, go to a library or research the archives for answ…

How do we Judge the Value of Life

The measure of a good life is in your love and active participation of it! Age may bring the traditions of our cultural ideals, but sometimes you have to step beyond these to create the life you desire. Historically the ages have bought distressing times for the people on our planet, many of these created by unbalanced individuals who had risen to power by deceptive means. Yet still, the souls of the people rose up and fought for existence and the chance of something more. They did this because they could see glimpses of the true purpose of living and hoped to raise a family as nature intended for all living creatures. That said, living a purposeful life isn’t based on how many children you do or do not have, we all still have our individual quests and joyous challenges to unearth and pursue.  
To meet the expectations of these often lifelong journeys we must be brave, bold and wise. Discovering what is valuable to you means you need to think about it, if you are always in a hurry the …

Your Own Style of Relaxation

Over the centuries, since our species evolved, people have been required to work! Though a great deal of this is naturally about survival, millions have been slaves to benefit others, or put in situations where working seven days a week was the normal state of being (this still happens today, to a lesser degree). In many cases these individuals did not have the quality of life and freedom of expression we have today. Relaxation was a practice few had time for. Sleep would have been the only serenity in a harsh life. In the last few centuries change has occurred with one or two days leave each week and shorter working hours for some. Now we have a little time to pursue our hobbies or discover the relaxation techniques that keeps us balanced.
Without relaxation we are machines taking one step after another. With relaxation the heart and mind have time to contemplate that deeply spiritual part of ourselves. From that centeredness comes something magical – the beauty, peace and energy to t…

Appreciation: Giving Thanks for What You Have

At the closure of any year and the beginning of a new one it is nice to reflect upon the precious moments that you have experienced. Three hundred and sixty five days is a lot to think about and there will moments of joy and sorrow that come to the fore. Some years have an overall feel that can be fast, joyful, stressful, unpredictable, erratic or peaceful. Memories are made up of the sights, smells, textures, tastes and sounds that well in our emotions. If something has had a strong effect on you it is stored and easily recalled. There are also many smaller moments to be appreciated, the ones that keep life balanced and joyful.
It is easy to just continue on with life, to keep moving forward – though without giving thanks for the special people in your life and your achievements it can fly passed unacknowledged. Maybe it’s time to show some appreciation in simple ways; give a simple flower, delight in the home cooked meal, offer heart felt appreciation, be conscious of the cosmos in t…