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Monday, 3 September 2012

The Gift of Life on Earth

 If you sit and view the plants, trees, rivers, beaches, countryside, animals and people you are witnessing the ultimate grandeur of life on Planet Earth. You have been born into the perfect timing of this world – one in which you can sometimes pursue your ultimate goal, if you have progressed beyond basic survival. If you look into the night sky or have some knowledge of the solar system you will know that the surrounding planets have either died or may still be developing, but there is nothing like the life and growth that Earth gives in abundance every day.

 If you walk or drive in a busy street with traffic making its hectic bustle and you have places to be and things to do – imagine what everything in your world is placed on and what your town looked life before the buildings. Earth is a planet suspended in space by the ebb and flow of other planets and the majesty of the Sun and Moon. Our planet itself is a mass of slowly shifting lands, oceans and volcanic activity that releases the pressure from deep within. It is easy to forget as you run from one chore to another just how incredible it is to be alive! Something that should not be taken for granted, because without the gifts of earth, air, fire and water we cease to exist.

If you are living in a green land of hidden treasures and can pursue you personal quest – you should be amongst the happiest people on this delightfully enchanting world. Though we are quick to complain when times get tough, think back to just how amazing your life is and the wonders you have experienced so far. You could easily fill the pages of a book with all that you have seen. So take a deep breath and appreciate the mother to us all – the magnificent and nurturing planet Earth. Then teach your children.


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