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Monday, 3 June 2013

On the Edge of Understanding

As a people we want life to be less of a struggle so we can live a fulfilling experience of fun, love and understanding. Yet it is understanding that people most often struggle with! First we must strive to knows ourselves and then we endeavour to understand others, though we are partially blinded by our experiences, personal environment and beliefs so far. Further than this is understanding our greater world at large; its beliefs as a whole, its religious, cultural, and political outlooks – not to mention our wondrous planet with its ebb and flow shinning in suspended space.

Deciding how much of this to explore is a choice that could lead you on to greater questions or limit your view of this profound existence. There is a great deal to think about regarding our very presence; how humanity came to be here, why we are quite different in our mental and creative output compared to other animals (though physically we are not so far removed). In ancient times people felt that their very lives depended on Gods and Goddesses and though people of this century delight in their religious or spiritual beliefs, they know the importance of creating a path of their own while still asking those insighful questions that motivated and inspire.

Understanding your unique place in your evolving environment is imperative for your personal balance – you are not fixed in any way, you are constantly growing, progressing and advancing in your understanding of all that you choose to consider. You are on the edge of understanding when you are perceptive, compassionate, tolerant, supportive and accepting. Sometimes we need to sit back and see life or a situation as it is, without all the mind chatter, opinions, anger or ‘what if’s.’ With open eyes you can see the sheer simplicity at the foundations of living and from here you can decide what is significant and what no longer valid – only then can you focus on forward planning.

Your relationship with the elements of the natural or unseen world may needs its share of understanding. Can you sit in the splendour of a park, forest or garden and feel its energy and beauty, and know the gift of life the environment offers? Do you have an understanding of the signature and emotion left by special helpers or those long departed? Are you comfortable with the idea of an omnipotent presence or an integral energy within planet Earth or does your understanding limit these concepts to fanciful ideologies. Know how you feel about the notion of a human soul, does this need your dedicated understanding or not? Don’t rush any of these age old questions, you need to let it permeated your being before a true belief or understanding can be obtained.

Understanding is a gift obtained by patients, inquiry, perception, tolerance, empathy, release, acceptance and a serene and positive outlook.

The Sage   Sharon D Bush
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