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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Mind Faster than Words


The mind is a virtuoso of swift connections zipping in and around the brain.   This genius governs communication and action in the body. The mind is a central computer sending constant messages out, so we can function quickly and achieve our goals. In an instant the mind conjures images of far off lands, memories and scenarios that may or may not eventuate. The speed of the mind is baffling considering the words we sometime have trouble expressing. Couple this with societal etiquette and the need to talk at a speed everyone can understand, and our words and expression can be slightly fragmented. If you are a quiet or shy person it might be even harder to speak in a clear manner.

Could it be that the connection between the mind and words is still developing? We can all get a bit tongue tied at times or have so much going on in our heads that we don’t know what point to make next, or get totally distracted with the sounds and visions of daily life. Vocal expression is easy for some and difficult or others, though practice is beneficial. Good listening skills will also assist smooth communication and conversation.
As we become young adults the mind is like a glowing orb with electrical signals turning off and on as needed. At this age we have gained enough knowledge, morals and emotional intelligence to filter what we may have blurted out as children. The conscious mind has an inbuilt sentinel walking the boundaries of thought and imagination to guard you from harm, misdeeds and unwise decisions, though this can be overridden with free will!   

A great deal of responsibility comes with the ever expanding adult mind, especially if teaching or parenthood is involved. Be the example that the young can follow. Show them what the mind can do if you slow down and express yourself clearly. Find time to have good conversions with your children, family and friends. Reduce the desperate rush that exists in the lives of many. Good mind to word expression is vital in daily life. Nurture your mind with visual beauty, creative challenges, moderate exercise, healthy eating, fresh water, meditation/contemplation and good sleep! The mind is a gift; don’t underestimate how much work you have put into your energetic and astounding intellect.  

Sharon D Bush 
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage     


Book: The Scrolls of Wisdom, philosophical/spiritual self-help book finished (on the final edit – looking for publishers).