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Thursday, 21 December 2017

The Vivid Rapture of Love

Love is a heightened emotion that is steady and unwavering in its soulful nature. It does not matter if that love is for children, parents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, friends, lovers or even the compassionate care towards strangers. Love is the reason for doing what we do in the life!

Love is almost indescribable in nature and can take over our lives at the summits of joy or depths of despair. It’s almost a swelling of the heart and soul as the mind is rendered mute. Love is an intense emotion as the peaks of birth, growth, mutual love, marriage, success, loss, peace, misfortune, illness, and death visit us all. We are not alone, love is always there in one form all another. Everyone has the right to express love and receive love.

There is something quite mystical about love, when it seems like the fates have aligned on certain occasion that bring bountiful change. Love is a pure emotion that comes with responsibility – loved ones put their faith and trust in you to do what you say and make no false promises. Reliability, dedication and faithfulness are the key pillars of love.

Children with their untainted anything is possible attitude towards life give us the most beautiful example of what love is! A sort of love and freedom combined that swirls in their hearts. They quickly see what is right and wrong in this world and come to simple conclusions that are often correct. Laughter, love, joy and justice are the priorities of children, they want to have fun and they want daily life to be fair and equal.

Offer love when your heart is full, offer help when others need it, notice when something doesn’t seem quite right, be passionate when you believe in something, offer simple kindness to the people you meet, seek the truth when it seems hidden, be part of the vivid rapture of love. Love is what we are here to experience. Love can be shown in so many ways.

Sharon D Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage     

Book: The Scrolls of Wisdom, philosophical/spiritual self-help book finished (on the final edit – looking for publishers).