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Thursday, 5 April 2012

What does it mean to be spiritual?

What does it mean to be spiritual? Spirituality can be defined as feelings of well-being, divine emotions, emanating love and acts of kindness towards others and the natural world – a sense of oneness with all. Though this may or may not include religion. Many of us have some foundation in religion and therefore have some sense of ritual, reverence and sacred presence of something more.

Spirituality is something that comes from within and is all around. You can feel it if you slow down and soak it in. Many tribal people can feel the presence of their homeland terrain and the aura of spirits that protection and dwell within the land. But we are all have our tribes, especially in our family, friends, cultural heritage and spiritual groups. Many are living a life based in the spiritual, while others hold tight to their beliefs in a world of personal turmoil, some say they are not religious or spiritual but their nature of caring and goodness speaks of the illuminated soul within. Open your blessed heart today and lessen the burdens of others by simple deeds.

The Sage    

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