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Friday, 20 July 2012

The Magical Quality That Defines You!

That unique sparkle that emanates from happy people is a shimmering delight. It lets you into their world for a fleeting second even if they are little more than strangers. They might use a few words or just eye contact and a heartfelt gesture, but you know what they mean because of the positive emotions that flow. They say a simple smile can release millions of endorphins that make you feel wonderful, so keep that up (unless it’s some kind of taboo in your culture)!
We are all unique, we all have something to say and we all have that magical quality that defines the glowing spirit within. So don’t be too quiet or know one will see your charming qualities and uplifting talents. It is amazing just how many emotions we express with our facial muscles alone – so lift your beautiful face to others and give them a hint of who you are.
When you don’t smile and react in the normal way people can read these emotional changes quite easily, especially if they know you well (well unless they are completely caught up in their own life). Trial and error, ups and downs and giant boulders that drop in to make life interesting are all part of life and we all do our best to conquer our fears, deal with trauma and sweep that smaller rubble to roadside with a smile of victory and we forge ahead again. The magical qualities that make you unique will always be there, so don’t leave them dormant, get out there and live.
This magical quality is never more present than when you are happy, creative and contented. Let your exquisite glow radiate through your day!

The Sage   Sharon D Bush

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