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Saturday, 26 October 2013


A community built on years of trust and growth is a superior place to live. Without a safe environment little can be achieved. Nations with the lowest levels of crime are inundated with applications of immigration. Freedom and safety are natural desires, without them a harsh existence awaits. Since the World Wide Web we can see each other a little clearer; we can’t always fathom each other’s emotions, though we know which countries have a strong sense of community.
Being able to walk down the street and say hello to neighbours or even strangers without fear of ulterior motives is still a common part of daily life in many countries. The joy of these simple pleasures shows humanity and community spirit in its best light. When people help each other in the face of adversity, they are genuinely putting others before their own needs – this care gets to the heart of what it means to belong, to be part of something.
We can never underestimate the levels of human kindness and understanding within our communities. The people in our beloved towns, especially those kindred spirits we call friends are often like extended family and since some families groups can sometimes live in other towns, states or countries from time to time – those that regularly share in our lives are truly valued.

Of course nothing is rosy all of the time, but even then you can ask for help from family, friends, neighbours – your personal community. Farther from that, some even have online communities where they can support each other in clubs or groups regarding things of personal interest. This may be a place were common interests help answer your questions and create an even greater sense of worldly community.
Don’t be a stranger, join a club or community group and offer something of yourself. If you’re new in town don’t wait, get to know your people! Be part of the fascinating microcosm we call community.

The Sage   Sharon D Bush
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