The Rapture in Spiritual Practice

Those who spend time in spiritual practice may express views of rapturous experiences bringing them closer to their chosen deity or energetic source. Exquisite spiritual experiences are not common occurrences, they happening unexpectedly for reasons that may elude the individual or may be obvious after time in reflection. Such a connection gives a sense of bliss, understanding and calmness. This conformation brings light to the world of the initiate/adept encouraging them to keep pursuing their aspirations. Timing is also important as the experience may lead onto other things where you meet people that are vital or direction in your travels.
Spiritual practices are personal and unique; initially gathered from religious doctrines, spiritual experiences and personal skills – these grow into simple traditions that bring happiness, growth and wisdom. A daily or weekly ritual may be as simple as a candle, incense, gentle music and meditation, or sitting outdoors listening to the sounds of nature, or taking in the glories of the sunset. It helps to have some sort of expressive occupation or hobby to put this energetic flow into.
Of course rapturous experiences are not tied to spiritual practices, this could happen anywhere and may only last for minute or two, but practice certainly increases the likelihood of a personal epiphany. Some sort of openness, though not blind faith, is needed to access the mysteries within.
Defining the rapture of a spiritual experience is difficult because it is so personal, but you’ll know because it won’t be easy to forget. It may come with luminous colours or be an intense answer to a question you’ve asked, maybe you can hear something, or feel an intense energy like love or strength flowing through you. A vision or dream of some sort could also be a gifted experience – either way some part of your senses will be exhilarated. Though this occurrence may not last long, the euphoria and memory of it will remain much longer.

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