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Monday, 28 July 2014

Individuality in a World that Prefers Uniformity

Though people belong to the same species, they are vastly different from each other. Early civilizations set firm rules for their communities in order to gain control and be productive. This carried on through the ages, though some managed to breakthrough conceived boundaries and make mild ripples on traditional conventions. Expressions of individuality certainly have some release in today’s society. In most countries you can speak your beliefs, dye your hair bright colours, or start a political organisation, without losing your job or getting arrested. In countries still centred on communal control, it takes steady and determined personalities to blur the boundaries.
We are born with pages yet unwritten, but in the teaching process we are constantly shown the rules. These rules are set out for us so we can be moulded into competent adults that contribute to society. Some guidelines are needed for a community to be an effective, safe and happy place to be. While we need a point of agreement on many issues, don’t let that stop you from being exactly who you are. Don’t agree with others just to keep the equilibrium, show you’re intelligent, caring and creative presence. This is what makes you exceptional!
We do enough of the things that are expected of us because we are good people and because this has long been considered the right thing to do to please others and fit in. You have this life and after you make some effort to know yourself there are quite a lot of unexpected things you can do. Forget the housework and all the other regular things that you are locked into and let your individuality shine in matchless wonder! Don’t trap yourself in a sphere of convention – show your true potential. Dismantle the wall that confines you! Anyone friend who stands in judgement is a friend you will probably outgrow.  Share your individuality. Empower yourself with all that is you!

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