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Monday, 29 December 2014

Abundance through Planning in a New Year

Since the calendar was invented time is marked into days, weeks and years. During this time in order to be productive and provide the basics for everyday living planning is needed. Humanity knows how to work to sustain life, though working in a field that brings a sense of joy and accomplishment is preferred. Abundance is obtained when a goal orientated yearly plan is in place.
To create such a plan, especially at the start of a new year, some quiet time in your own kind of sacred space is needed. Ideas and visions come and go but only the important ones keep knocking until they are heard. Those with intuitive clarity can hear these insights emanating from within – creating direction and purpose. Though eventually everyone hears a message or calling which can be both shocking and exciting, it may run counter to their existing daily life. From here the questions begin. The sooner you know something about your purpose, skills and direction the more abundance you will find.

Whether you are working on an existing plan that needs updating for the New Year or starting a new one – preparation is essential! Gather your pen, paper or computer, calming music or sit in a natural environment and make sure you won’t be interrupted for an hour. After you’ve centred yourself and feel relaxed start writing what you want to achieve in the coming year. Underneath that write the steps to achieving what you want. Break that down to manageable pieces. Then open your calendar or diary to aim for some dates of completion and days of the week when you have time to work on your project. Remember it’s only a guideline to help you create the joyous abundance you need in your life. Remember, you are pillar of light and creation – release yourself from mind made limitations. Notice that negative mind chatter and dismiss it instantly! Keep away from killjoys that spoil your fun! Rewire your thinking; every new day is an open page.
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