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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Delightful Senses

Without textures, tastes, visions, aromas and resonance life would cease to exist. Humanity is bound together with all these wonderful sensory abilities which are the core ingredients that swell our emotions and help us survive. We reacted instinctively to sensations; something may startle you, taste bad, or hurt your ears. The senses offer insight, which we consider with the heart and mind before making decisions. We mostly take our senses for granted until we are in moments of exquisite joy, like the sounds of a symphony wafting around you, the warmth of sun caressing your body at the beach, or the angelic look of your baby’s face in those first few days.
Pleasing sensations can quickly be joined to memories that remind us of the smells in grandma’s vegetable garden during childhood, the sound of chalk being written across the board in school days, even a documentary or movie can remind us of a wonderful holiday adventure. Since the invention of the camera images can visually capture a moment, video can record continuous movements and sounds and both can relay the mood of the moment, though the deeper thoughts of the subjects may be hidden. Without these inventions the mind would have to work much harder to remember delightful things. With that in mind photos/videos may become triggers to sensations that lead to healthy emotions. Writing, paintings and primitive rock art were and still are ways of recording both good and bad experiences of the senses.
The five senses (and possible more when you consider those sensory intuitive survival skills that we attribute to all the other life forms on the planet) are awe-inspiring by scientific standards and worthy of more exploration. The human sensory experience is invigorating; from the colours of a stormy seas, to the smell of freshly baked bread or the thunder of a steam train with its whistle blaring across the landscape. Enjoy all of this, but give a thought to those who cannot see, hear or can only experience limited sensations. Learn to really appreciate exalted moments and dwell a little longer.
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