The Futurist

The future is a sort of unattainable place, the moment you’re there it becomes the present and shortly after the past. Though people are always in the present, their minds spend a great deal of time speculating about future developments or the ideal life. Time is also spends time sifting through relevant past experiences that benefit the present. Its little wonder people have trouble with concentration and focus.

How will the future look, will it be people friendly and can the natural world sustain growing global communities? It is the job of the futurist to contemplate, calculate and create inspired plans that may become a living reality. The futurist is a visionary with an analytical mind for calculations. These are very different places for the mind to congregate; the creative visionary and mathematical analyst would more often be two distinct people. This combination of traits offers a unique outlook.

The futurist could be a scientist, inventor, creative genius or philosopher who is thinking about the world in terms of longevity, sustainability and planning that makes life easier for people, animals and planet. The futurist may forecast a path of devastating results that can be turned around with serious effort. That said a futurist could create plans to build a sustainable town from the ground up, with no existing structures in place. That could be in a country field, near the coast, on an island or space station orbiting the planet.

The futurist has a mind that has very few restrictions. Everyone has that ability, but many take the standard model of living as something that needs no improvement and therefore accept the limits and boundaries of those beliefs. People hold adoration for the great futurist minds across the centuries, while limiting young minds of the present by ushering them into the careers that bring high financial rewards. Are desires for safety and security dulling the potential of young visionaries? Really listen to the inspired voices of the creatives, listen to your own thoughts without dismissing them instantly, everyone has visions of an enhanced future!

Sharon D Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage     

Book: The Scrolls of Wisdom, philosophical/spiritual self-help book finished (on the final edit – looking for publishers).


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