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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Nurturing Female Rule

Should mothers rule Earth? Would wise, nurturing, intelligent, multi-tasking diplomats bring peaceful results to inter-country communications? Could less aggressive leadership be the answer to the world’s problems? The death and assault of civilians in war ravaged countries is unacceptable in times when war should be in decline, something abhorrent to the thoughts of modern humanity. Have world leaders learned from the misery and suffering of previous battles? Why does it take so long to remove unstable aggressive leaders who rule way past there term of office and rig elections. Countries may go to war to protect the innocent, though there are often hidden motives and deals done. It has been said that the preparation for war boosts economies and innovation, but that is a heavy price to pay for so many deaths. Who gets to decide – who lives and who dies?

Is male leadership along with egocentric behaviour the spark that ignited most historic and current conflicts? Aggressive tones, grand standing, manipulation, blackmail, bullying and unfair trade negotiations seem to be regular features of the boardroom or war room. Domination is an archaic trait that is not aligned with future existence. Greed, idiosyncrasies and the desire to control other countries is the prevailing failure of some leading nations.

Mothers and women with nurturing qualities could be the answer to sensitive global interactions, and sustained peace. Mothers have key emotions that prevent a desire for hate, domination and destruction; their focus on family, community and long-term existence gives them a wider scope for the joyous celebration of all life. The idea of killing to those that have brought life into the world is abhorrent! Life taken by government orders is a travesty to modern times. Protection of children and making sure they make it to adulthood is the prime incentive of women. Those reaching maturity between warring eras are extremely fortunate. Those that do survive the devastation of war are held captive by the horror they have witnessed. Few mothers would send their children to war if they had a choice.

We live on an aware planet; people have access to global information and elevated empowerment. Votes count in the race for improved global understanding and better quality of life. The greater part of leadership should contain compassion, nurturing, education, environment, sustainability, discerning science and economies that plan for the future. Could empowered female rule be the solution? Are mothers more able world governors of planet Earth? Will women in power prevent war and maintain peace, it is a theory that has not been tested – now is the time to test that theory!  

Sharon D Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage      

Instagram: @THESAGE00 or  @SACRED_LIVING
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