Propaganda and the Post Truth World. No. 61

Propaganda is a slow seeping weapon to control populations. Messages and false-truths are circulated in many forms till they become part of culture and everyday reality. Freedom of mind and freedom of speech in many countries should halt the progress of propaganda, but it is far more insidious than that! Words, sounds and images are emotional epics in their display when dark intentions guide them. This doesn’t mean that people can’t recognise this manipulation today; it means propaganda has infiltrated your family and community for centuries. The fight to unveil the truth has begun, while governments continue their steady rhetoric of control. 

So, who can be trusted in a post truth world? What information is being sold and can you be convinced of its authenticity? If culture can be influenced and altered with a smooth transition, what really belongs to individuals, families and communities? Surely there are things that stem from inspiration, love and intelligence that belong to you? The soft blanket that comforted the spoon-fed generations is beginning to unravel. It only takes a small percentage of the population to wake the many, but even the mildest uprising can lead to devastating ends in some countries. So decisions of purpose, direction and strength must be weighed against the injustice.

If it is correct to say we live in a post truth world, how do we decipher what is real and who is giving genuine advice? Our world is tainted with people who wish to control us or take our money, the only thing between you and these people, businesses or government is your intuition and intelligence. As children we are taught to be nice to everyone, but since some individuals have hidden agendas it is always better to let your senses guide you away from pressured situations. Adults can stand up for themselves, but that doesn’t stop the daily bombardment of things you should do and things you should have. Almost subliminal messages of how you haven’t reached your full capacity, so you should try harder. Yes, everyone needs encouragement, but its better coming from friends and family. The people who create propaganda never said, ‘hey, you are doing just fine,’ or ‘what a great life you have.’  The post truth world of daily propaganda is either selling you something or wants to control you.

Government advertising, speeches and interviews can be fraught with false-truths and blatant lies, especially during elections. There are still many that cannot fathom their favourite politician doing anything unseemly, a sort of blind faith governs their thinking. That said, most are awake to the kind of leadership that either ignores public opinion or attempts to manipulate with propaganda.  Illuminated minds are outraged by the distortion of facts that lead people away from the truth. The truth is often not the politician’s friend as other agendas are more profitable, though some are happy to break free from old styles of leadership and progress with hard truths.

Finding your way in a post truth world cannot be done without time and research. Social media and especially algorithms tell you what you want to know, you have to look more carefully for the reality of a situation. Studies that are presumably telling the facts can be produced by businesses to deceive the public. Always trace studies back to their original source. As long as you question things you will find clarity. The population could be split on its thoughts about an issue that concerns everyone, but that doesn’t mean that twenty percent of the comments aren’t paid for by big business! It is the job of advertising in the news and social media to sway you to their opinion. With many media outlets corrupted by their other investments, the truth is manipulated by their desire to sell an image of good! Media conglomerates want you to know that they are somehow part of your family; that they will always be there for you.

Continue to be aware the fabrications that infect daily living. Question everything and teach others to do the same!

Sharon D Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage     

Instagram: @THESAGE00 or  @SACRED_LIVING
Pinterest: Sacred Living
Book: The Scrolls of Wisdom, philosophical/spiritual self-help book finished (on the final edit – looking for publishers).


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