Humanity in the Age Climate Change, No.60

Is mass fear the only defence against climate change? Do the vast majority of people only worry about climate change when their houses are flooded, burning or plagued by storms? There is no better time to examine the human thinking process that says, ‘everything will be alright if I do nothing.’ Proceeding from day to day without the full realisation that life is in peril is abhorrent.

The human mind is complex; safety mechanisms are playing in the minds of many. Without visual scenes of environmental destruction the message may not get through. Social media blasts footage of lifeless toxic land every few minutes, but nothing compares to seeing it in nature. As the heat rise’s people from low lying countries and Islands are watching their homes sink. Those is hot countries are facing unprecedented fires. Countries with regular storm seasons are breaking new records.  If it isn’t seen in person is it real to the individual? Sleep-walking through an environmental crisis is no longer an option.

Humanity worries about war, yet this war we are waging against nature is barley considered. Big business is wiping out forests, oceans, rivers and animals while the population pays for this to happen. When people consider what every dollar means for planetary continuation minds will shift. People will always buy, barter and trade for the things they want and need. A minute of research before purchasing makes a difference. If we pay for chemicals in our food, that is what we get. If we pay for animals to die, that is what we get. If we pay for forests to be destroyed, that is what we get. The question is, ‘what are you willing to pay for?

People live close to employment that is mainly in cities. Has this isolation from nature caused humanity to lose its primal links to the environment? Can we reconnect? That journey has already begun, millions are realising that they are not above nature in a place of arrogance – they are animals, equal with animals. Without nature we cease to exist! The destruction of earthly habitats must stop immediately! Make things grow and let life bloom. If people take their roles as guardian’s seriously, environmental damage can be turned around, until then a dark shadow hovers over all existence.

Use your fear, anger and energy to act! Everything will be alright if we do something!

Sharon D Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage     

Instagram: @THESAGE00 or  @SACRED_LIVING
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Book: The Scrolls of Wisdom, philosophical/spiritual self-help book finished (on the final edit – looking for publishers).


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