The Divide Between People and Personal Principles, No. 64

Humanity as a whole is fraught with conflict because the personal beliefs of one are not accepted by others. Individuals are influence by their lives so far; culture, education and experience impact their views. This is not new, but how far will people go to be free of oppositional people? Relationships hit difficult ground when opinions are divided. Though many things can be worked out, strong beliefs can separate individuals. The divide between personal principles and oppositional people might be a choice or a driving necessity.

Aggressive self-centred behaviour is part of the human condition; the training to lessen that begins when we are children. Though this is part of human nature subduing it means we can take part in society. Nowhere in human history are people shown as gentle loving beings devoid of conflict. Dominance, arrogance and greed only lead to separation and misery. Are communication skills failing our species? Can better language fix these problems or do our underlying beliefs and emotions stop us from trusting. Every individual is firing with neural connections from past experiences that tell them to be cautious. These life lessons coupled with intuition confront us with decisions. So do we abandon our principles and stick with those of fixed mindsets or carry our strength forward and do things differently.

Change is life and life is change! Adjustments are necessary, but when our beliefs are ridiculous to others that cause’s irreparable damage to relationships. Can you be true to yourself and still agree partially with others or is that betraying yourself and your life so far? Individual experiences separate us, as a species we find it hard to work together, but to some degree we must. Personal interests, research and experience help us evolve, but that can also alienate us from others. Strong opinions will expel some and unify others.  Factions, conflict and division display the flawed nature of humanity. Only an integral openness of love is going to let us escape extinction.

Chaos and aggression does not serve a flourishing future. Disrespect for other people and the place they are in at that given moment is arrogance. Age, living conditions, experience, education, technology and comfort levels create different and changing stages of intelligence and compassion. Is a ten year old wrong if they say people are mean? Is an eighty year old right if they say their way of life was better? Decision making and the bold statements that follow are fraught with opposition. There has never been an easy path to life unless you isolate yourself and stick to a ridged routine. Unfortunately life has never been safe, we delude ourselves with the comfort we desire, but both people and nature can carry our lives into something different in seconds. The catalyst is alive and well if its message isn’t received naturally.

Being able to appreciate opposing individuals is an art form for the wise. Judging or observing others is a natural place for humanity because that is also how we learn. Social media platforms show the frustration and aggression people express when they cannot get their own way. Kindness and acceptance is the only way forward. Speak kind words, not because you want to placate others, but because you belong to a place of light and purity. Love gives people strength, hate drives them apart. Listen to your words and those in the community. Listen until you understand - heal the origins of hostile thoughts. Make clarity your standard. Clarity can cut unknown factors in half. The highly sensitive need healing, the indifferent need sensitivity. Create a clear mind, be sensitive and choose love, then a higher purpose is visible.

Sharon D Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage     

Instagram: @THESAGE00 or  @SACRED_LIVING
Pinterest: Sacred Living
Book: The Scrolls of Wisdom, philosophical/spiritual self-help book finished (on the final edit – looking for publishers).


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