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The Divide Between People and Personal Principles

Humanity as a whole is fraught with conflict because the personal beliefs of one are not accepted by others. Individuals are influence by their lives so far; culture, education and experience impact their views. This is not new, but how far will people go to be free of oppositional people? Relationships hit difficult ground when opinions are divided. Though many things can be worked out, strong beliefs can separate individuals. The divide between personal principles and oppositional people might be a choice or a driving necessity.
Aggressive self-centred behaviour is part of the human condition; the training to lessen that begins when we are children. Though this is part of human nature subduing it means we can take part in society. Nowhere in human history are people shown as gentle loving beings devoid of conflict. Dominance, arrogance and greed only lead to separation and misery. Are communication skills failing our species? Can better language fix these problems or do our underlyi…

The Rise and Fall of Civilisations

The human story is full of light and creativity, though against a backdrop of greed and arrogance. Human emotional ecology is fraught with conflicting ideas that do not find equal balance. With evidence of so many ancient towns and civilisations collapsing due to poor decision making, how do we look upon our current world? Historical study could be the weapon that counters modern problems and brings a stable foundation. Civilisations are in cycles of growth and collapse because people forget; knowledge is not always passed on. Information is readily available, but people are time poor. History is not a top priority unless something interesting has your attention; future planning is not that popular either, people find it hard to look that far ahead. History repeats for this reason.
People are surprised when they first hear of unimaginable acts and decimation of land and species in a historical context. The archaeological record is full of information that we find baffling until we fin…